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This page will mention some of the programs available to students to further their classroom learning.


A- Course- Diploma in Automobile Engineering
Qualification-10th or equivalent
             1st Semester
1- Industrial report writing English
2- General Mathematics
3- Engineering Mathematics-II
4- Physics
              2nd Semester
2- Computer Programming & Practice
3- Engineering Drawing
4- Theory of machine
3rd Semester
1- Material Science
2- Applied Mechanics
3- Thermal Engineering
4- Modern Workshop
           4th Semester
1- Auto Engine
2- Automobile Chassis & Transmission
3- Automobile Electrical system &  Auto instrument
4- Automobile Design & Drawing
           5th Semester
1- Industrial Organization & Business management
2- Transport mgt.,Road traffic engineering ,Engine pollution & control, Alternative fuels ,Engine electronics
6th Semester
Industrial training cum apprentice

B-Course-Degree in Automobile Engineering
Qualification-10+2(PCM) or equivalent

          1st Semester
1- Engineering Drawing
2- Theory of Machine
3- Material Science
2nd Semester
1- Applied Mechanics
2-Thermal Engineering
3-Modern Workshop
          3rd Semester
1-Auto Engine
2-Automobile Chassis & Transmission 
 3-Automobile Electrical system &  Auto instrument
           4th Semester
1-Automobile Design & Drawing
2-Industrial Organization & Business management
3-Transport mgt.,Road traffic engineering ,Engine pollution & control,Alternative fuels ,Engine electronics
           5th Semester
1-Automobile Engineering-I
2-Automobile Engineering-II
3-Automobile Engineering-III
           6th Semester
1-Workshop Technology
2-Industrial Organization & Management
3-Road Transport
7th Semester
1-Theory of Machine
2-Machine Design & Drawing
           8th Semester
  Industrial training cum apprentice

Section Examinations of IMI (I)……


Associate Section Examinations of IMI (I)

 Section—Studentship                 Section—A—IMI (I)

1. Technical English                                1.Engineering Drawing

2. General Mathematics-1                       2.Theory of Machines

3. Engineering Mathematics-II                 3.Material Science

4. Physics                                  4.Applied Mechanics & Strength of Materials

5. Chemistry                                           5.Thermal Engineering

6. Computer Programming & Practice     6.Modern Workshop


Section –B—IMI (I)

                                1. Auto Engines

                                2. Automobile Chassis & Transmission

                                3. Automobile Electrical System & Auto Instruments

                                4. Automobile Design & Drawing

                                5. Industrial Organization & Business Management

                                6. Transport Management – Electives


Associate Section Examinations of IAE (I)

Section –B—IAE (I)

1. Automobile Engineering-I

2. Automobile Engineering-II

3. Automobile Engineering-III

4. Workshop Technology

5. Industrial Organization & Management

6. Machine Design & Drawing

Examination System & Award of Degree / Diploma……


Examination System:-

      Institute follows Semester system,i.e. semester examination for regular Diploma / Degree courses

will be held twice in a year i.e. in the month of May & November.

      IMI (I) follows section Examination System, held twice a year i.e. in the month of June & December.

      IMI (I) Examination is conducted at IIAE, Jamshedpur only.

      Examination Papers will be as per the syllabus approved by the IMI (I), and the copy of the Syllabus can be obtained from IIAE, Jamshedpur.

      For passing the subject, a candidate is required to secure 35% marks in individual paper, but they would require to have 40% marks in aggregate of all papers to clear a section / semester.

      In case a candidate fails to secure 40% aggregate, will be declared failed, he/she will have to reappear in all papers or due papers with due deposit of required fees.



Award of Diploma / Degree


      Mark sheet & Certified Diploma or Degree to all the pass out students at IIAE shall be provided by the “Institute of Motor Industry (India),Chennai.

      Division Awarded to a candidate will be as follows:


            Division                                        % of marks

        1st with distinction                            70% andabove

    1st                                                   60% and above but less than 70%

  2nd                                                   50% and above but less than 60%


      The IMI (I) will publish the result within 90 days of the last day of examination

      In case any mistake is detected in the mark sheet, after it has been issued, the IMI (I) will have the right to call it back and cancel the same. A fresh mark sheet will be issued in its place.

      Indian Institute of Automobile Engineering, Jamshedpur in conjunction with the Institute of Motor Industry (India), Chennai will have the right to change the rules without any prior information.



Please call or e-mail us with questions on the various programs.

1.Last Date of Submission of Application form for June-2005-10th Nov 2005
Date of Entrance Exam: 4th Dec 2005
Date of Declaration of Result: 10th Dec 2005