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Result of the 04th DEC 2005 Entrance Examination held for admission in to Diploma & Degree courses in Automobile Engineering is published here.
**This page will contain only the name of those students Qualified  with their respective Roll numbers.
**The Reporting letters will be sent to the Qualified Candidates . If any student does not get the Letter for admission by 22nd Dec 2005, He may kindly contact the Institute for further action.
**The Waiting Candidates will be given chance for admission on first come first serve basis in the case seats remain vacant.
**Fo further details immedietly contact Institute.
NAME/Qualify/DIP/dec-05 ROLL NO
Mr. Harpreet Singh DP/19001
Mr. Vivek Kumar Tiwary DP/19006
Mr. Roushan Prabhat DP/19008
Mr. Rakesh Kumar Priyadarshi DP/19009
Mr. Shish Alam DP/19010
Md.Gazli DP/19012
Mr. Rameez Raza DP/19013
Mr. Abdur Rahman Ansari DP/19014
Mr. Bikram Singh Azad DP/19016
Mr. Rishi Kumar Vishwakarma DP/19019
Mr. Neeraj Kumar DP/19020
Mr. Shiv Kumar DP/19021
Mr. Chandan Kumar Varma DP/19022
Mr. Manoranjan Kumar Singh DP/19024
Mr. Dinesh Kumar Mahato DP/19025
Mr. Shyam Sunder Singh DP/19028
Mr. Sarvajit Singh DP/19029
Mr. Uttam Kumar DP/19032
Mr. Rajeev Ranjan DP/19033
Mr.Shahraz Quamer DP/19034
Mr. Raviranjan Kumar DP/19037
Mr. Rajesh Kumar DP/19039
Mr. Ved Prakash Suraj DP/19040
Mr. Ajay Lok DP/19045
Mr. Shree Prakash DP/19047
Mr. Bed Prakash Raj DP/19048
Mr. Satya Prakash Gaurava DP/19050
Mr. Sonu Kumar DP/19052
Mr. Niraj Kumar DP/19056
Mr. Rakesh Ranjan DP/19058
Mr. Sanju Ashish Kujur DP/19062
Mr.Abhinav Kumar DP/19063
Mr. Sumit Angelo Tigga DP/19064
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Ranjan DP/19065
Mr. Deepak Kumar Sinha DP/19068
Md. Asif Iqbal DP/19071
Mr. Anmol Ratna Ambastha DP/19072
Mr. Satyam Kumar DP/19076
Mr. Ravi Ranjan DP/19077
Mr. Chandan Singh DP/19078
Mr. Rahul Kumar Singh DJ/21002
Mr. Mahendra Mahato DJ/21004
Mr. Sumanta Hembrom DJ/21007
Mr. Charan Singh DJ/21008
Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh DJ/21013
Mr. Dilip kumar Mahato DJ/21016
Mr. Manoj Pandit DJ/21017
Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Bandiya DJ/21018
Mr. Krishna Kumar DJ/21026
Miss Rashmi Singh DJ/21031
Mr. Sadhucharan Korah DJ/21037
Mr. Madan Kumar Singh DJ/21039
Mr. Mukesh Saw DJ/21041
Mr. Chandra Sekhar Mahato DJ/21044
Mr. Manish Kumar Sahay DJ/21047
Mr. Deepak Munda DJ/21049
Mr. Sagar Chandra Soren DJ/21050
Mr. Madhuresh Singh DJ/21055
Mr. Krishna Nand Yadav DJ/21069
Mr. Mukesh Kumar DJ/21066
NAME/Qualify/DEG/dec-05 ROLL NO
Mr.Sourabh Kumar Mohanty RJ/22001
Mr. Samir Kumar Mahato RJ/22004
Mr. Harkesh Kumar Mishra RJ/22006
Mr. Mithlesh Kumar RJ/22007
Mr. Sameer Deogam RJ/22010
Mr. Sonu Kumar DR/20002
Mr. S.M. Arif Perwez DR/20003
Md. Majhar Imam DR/20004
Mr. Omar Kalim DR/20006
Mr. Yuvraj Vinit DR/20009
Mr. Dharmendra Kumar DR/20010
Mr. Satyendra Kumar DR/20011
Mr. Avinash Chandra Patel DR/20014
Mr. Mahesh Kumar Yadav DR/20019
Mr. Abhiranjan Kumar Singh DR/20020
Mr. Rohit Gupta DR/20022
Mr.Gautam Kumar Chandan DR/20023
Mr. Tushar Varun DR/20024
Mr. Vikash Kumar DR/20025
Mr. Mayank Gaur DR/20026
Mr. Paritosh Kumar Vishwakarma DR/20027
Mr. Bikash Kumar DR/20028
Mr. Ankesh Kumar DR/20033
Mr. Pradeep Prakash DR/20034
Mr. Braj Kishore Singh RJ/20037
Mr. Sidhartha Arya DR/20039
Mr. Mrinal Kumar Singh DR/20040
Mr. Ravi Kumar Pankaj DR/20043
Mr. Satyendra Kumar DR/20044
Md. Nadim Akhtar DR/20046

NOTICE:This page always contain the names of the student qualified in IMI(I) examinations-June-&-December-session and those qualified in Institute's Entrance Test.

Keep Watching this page always.

1.Last Date of Submission of Application form for June-2005-10th Nov 2005
Date of Entrance Exam: 4th Dec 2005
Date of Declaration of Result: 10th Dec 2005